3 February 2020: Plans for 2020

Here are some of our plans for 2020:

  • We plan to continue expanding our Editorial Board and have them review each chapter carefully each year to ensure its Table of Contents contains the most relevant topics for practicing pathologists. We select Editorial Board members from authors who have done an outstanding job writing for us. We have already been adding, deleting, renaming, merging and rearranging topics within chapters.
  • We are continuing to revise our topic templates to make them easier for authors to follow and to be as complete and consistent as possible.
  • We are updating our database to have chapter Tables of Contents generated automatically, leading to more uniformity and less work for our staff when they are updated.
  • We are expanding our outreach for advertising beyond the United States and Canada. If you know of individuals or institutions that may want to advertise Jobs, Fellowships, Conferences, Books or pathology related products and services, please contact Nat@PathologyOutlines.com or Ads@PathologyOutlines.com.
  • We’ve redesigned our blog! Please follow us by typing your email in the box to the left and hitting the “Follow” button, as illustrated below:

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