19 February 2020: Major Hematopathology Chapter Update

Our Hematopathology chapters have gone through a major restructuring. Keep reading for more details on our Hematopathology chapters.

The five new Hematopathology chapters are:

  1. Bone marrow nonneoplastic (no major changes)
  2. Bone marrow neoplastic (prior Chronic myeloid, Leukemia acute and plasma cell neoplasms)
  3. Hematology (no major changes)
  4. Lymphoma & related disorders (includes splenic lymphoma, excludes plasma cell neoplasms)
  5. Lymph nodes & spleen, nonlymphoid (includes splenic nonlymphoma topics)

In addition, we have deleted Chronic myeloid, Leukemia-acute and Spleen. We still have some minor revisions to the structure.

There are still some flaws with the structure which will be fixed when our new chapter IT structure is implemented in 2 months or so.

You may notice that the alphabetical listing in these chapters does not match the topical listing, and the chapter and section names for the topics don’t match the chapter table of contents. This will be fixed with the IT structural changes.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these changes, please email Dr. Pernick at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com or comment below.

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