18 June 2020: Textbook Updates

We have posted updated reviews of the following topics:

CD markers > CD47
by Frido Bruehl, M.D., Christian M. Schürch, M.D., Ph.D.
Topic summary: A ubiquitously expressed marker of self that prevents phagocytosis of cells containing it. In oncology, is a promising therapeutic target for advanced solid and hematolymphoid malignancies. In transfusion medicine, is highly expressed on red blood cells and anti-CD47 therapy causes interferences with pretransfusion testing.

Chemistry, toxicology & urinalysis > Thyroid related > Thyroid function panel
by Panudda Srichomkwun, M.D., M.Sc.
Topic summary: Screening algorithm for thyroid dysfunction with detailed description of tests making up the algorithm (TSH, T4, T3, reverse T3).

CNS tumor > Diffuse astrocytic and oligodendroglial tumors > Diffuse astrocytic glioma, IDH wildtype, with molecular features of glioblastom
by John DeWitt, M.D., Ph.D.
Topic summary: Diffusely infiltrating glioma, IDH wildtype status confirmed, typically WHO grade II or III based on histology but survival is equivalent to grade IV.

Colon nontumor > Noninfectious colitis > Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID)
by Benjamin J. Van Treeck, M.D., Christopher Hartley, M.D.
Topic summary: Common variable immunodeficiency disorders are due to B cell impairment causing hypogammaglobulinemia with either IgA or IgM deficiency. These patients may suffer CVID related infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune or malignant GI manifestations with histology resembling inflammatory bowel disease, microscopic colitis or granulomatous inflammation. One third of cases have plasma cells.

Lung nontumor > Cystic disease / congenital anomalies > Bronchogenic cyst
by Laurence M. Briski, M.D., Kristine Konopka, M.D.
Topic summary: Benign congenital malformation arising from abnormal budding of primitive foregut during gestation. Often occurs in mediastinum, lung, head and neck, skin. Unilocular cyst lined by respiratory type epithelium, but cyst wall recapitulates bronchial wall with variable amounts of seromucinous glands, cartilage and smooth muscle.