26 June 2020: Weekly Roundup #14

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Breast Chapters

We are merging the Breast nonmalignant and malignant topics into a single Breast chapter. Our goal is to focus on entities of greatest use to practicing pathologists so we are eliminating some topics that are very rare or redundant with material elsewhere on the website.

2. CD Markers / Stains Chapters

Dr. Pernick has a personal goal of ensuring that the CD Markers are complete, even if obscure. Uncommon markers will be put into “Other“. Next year, we plan to merge slimmed down versions of the Stains and CD Markers chapters.

3. PubMed Citations

For PubMed citations, we currently post them in green if the source is free full text and in blue otherwise. We also use a condensed version of the full citation.

As we standardize our textbook, we are reviewing all of our policies and did a survey on visitor preferences for these citations. Overwhelmingly, the surveyed pathologists like the 2 colors. However, the results were split evenly regarding preference for the full citation or the abbreviated citation.

After reviewing this data, we decided to maintain the status quo of 2 colors and abbreviated citations, but we appreciate all responses.

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