17 July 2020: Weekly Roundup #16

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Internal Images

While we try to use images posted on our server) for microscopic images, sometimes we use external images that are hosted elsewhere. However, our policy is that external images must be accessible without having to register or pay a fee to see them. Sometimes, determining what is accessible is not obvious. Most (but not all) PubMed images listed as “free full text” or “open access” are truly free but you need to double check. 

2. Welcome to Dr. Julie Jorns

We welcome Dr. Julie Jorns, Medical College of Wisconsin, as the 22nd member of our Editorial Board. She will be working with Dr. Tozbikian on Breast Pathology.

The new combined Breast pathology chapter had an incredible 2,037,043 page views last year, our fourth most popular chapter after Soft tissue (2,456,129 page views), Stains (2,288,574) and Skin nonmelanocytic tumor (2,063,129).

3. Weekly Update Video

Please review our recent What’s New This Week video or peruse the summary. This one lasts 10 minutes; we will aim for 5-7 minutes per video in the future. 

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