5 February 2021: Weekly Roundup #35

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. What’s New in Gynecologic Pathology

Our What’s New in Gynecologic Pathology Part 1 e-newsletter will summarize important changes in the vulva, cervix and uterus based on the 5th edition of WHO Tumours of Female Reproductive Organs, published last year. Click here to subscribe to this great newsletter, which comes out 2 – 4 times per year.

2. New Resident / Fellow Advisory Board Appointments

We have appointed new members of our Resident / Fellow Advisory Board as of January 2021:

3. New COVID-19 Article

Our COVID-19 library (click on “Libraries” in our site navigation, then select COVID-19 Library) has a new article, Operation Moonshot rapid tests for COVID-19 barely work, posted 4 February 2021.

4. Curing Cancer Blog

Dr. Pernick has published a new essay in his blog, Curing Cancer – Part 7 – Random chronic stress / bad luck as a major cause of cancer.

Key concepts discussed are: (1) random chronic stress / bad luck is a major cause of cancer at some sites; (2) cancer often develops through rare bursts of activity in cells and their networks, not in a gradual, step-wide manner; (3) cancers due to random chronic stress may have better survival and other clinical differences compared to cancers due to traditional risk factors and (4) due to the presence of random chronic stress, cancer will always be with us; although we can prevent some cases, we can detect it earlier and we can treat it more effectively.

Click here to read parts 1 – 6 of this series and to follow Dr. Pernick’s blog.

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