6 April 2021: Pandemic Relief Music Award – April Winner

PathologyOutlines.com will celebrate 20 years of operation in August 2021 and wants to give back to some of those suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. For 2021, we will be promoting select classical and jazz musicians each month on our website and with a cash stipend. Recipients of this award will be posted each month and will remain visible on the website throughout the year.

The April Recipient for this award is the Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra.

The Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra is an award winning jazz group of 19 of Detroit’s best jazz musicians. The group has been together for 21 years, playing jazz festivals, clubs and concerts at their home base, Cliff Bells. Their first album, Brush Fire, was released to high acclaim, winning two Detroit Music Awards for best modern jazz group and best jazz album. Their last record, Mulgrew-ology, climbed to #32 in the national jazz charts and won Detroit Music Awards for best jazz album, best jazz group and best jazz composer (Gwinnell). The group thrives on presenting artistically relevant jazz arrangements and compositions in a big band format. 

In order to apply for a pandemic relief music award:

  1. The musician / ensemble must be based in the United States of America or Canada.
  2. The musician / ensemble must provide a media sample.
  3. The musician / ensemble must have a website or Facebook page that can be linked to.
  4. The musician / ensemble must have at least 2 or more audio / video recordings available via audio CD, online playlist, etc.

More information about the award, including application information, can be found on our website.

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