18 June 2021: Weekly Roundup #51

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. This Month at PathologyOutlines.com Video

Episode #14 of What’s New at PathologyOutlines in 90 Seconds has been released. Please view the video at the bottom of our homepage or by clicking here.

2. Case #504

Case #504 was posted on June 17. You can sign up for our monthly case newsletters and more here.

3. First Job Ever Posted at PathologyOutlines.com

Ever wonder how PathologyOutlines.com turned into THE place to find a pathology job? See here for our story and the first job ad we ever posted here.

4. New blog entry in Dr. Pernick’s “Curing Cancer Network”

What will success look like in the war on cancer? When we begin with the end in mind, it helps us focus on what we want to achieve, understand better how this success can be attained and create processes to do so. The goal of our strategic plan is to reduce U.S. cancer deaths from the present 600,000 per year to 100,000 per year by 2030. But how will this happen?

Read the rest of this post here or on Dr. Pernick’s blog.

5. COVID-19 Chapter

We have added a COVID-19 chapter. Though this was formerly the COVID-19 library, it is now placed with the other textbook chapters.

6. Board Review Style Questions

PathologyOutlines.com has a database of more than 1,800 board review style questions and we’re adding more every day. To sort by subspecialty or by chapter, use the dropdown boxes as demonstrated below. For any comments or questions, please use the Comment tag on any of our website pages or board review style questions.

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