24 June 2022: Weekly Roundup #92

What’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week?

1. Jobs Page Updates

We are now listing “remote” as a location for our job ads in the U.S., Canada and other countries. Our Jobs page currently has jobs from 49 U.S. states (except Nevada) and all Canadian provinces (except Prince Edward Island; we have not yet had job ads from the 3 Canadian territories).

2. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

We now have Directory profiles for over 60% of U.S. and Canadian academic pathologists, which should increase to 90% this fall. Check your profile at pathologyoutlines.com/directory, email us any updates at Directory@PathologyOutlines.com or create a profile to use during your entire career at pathologyoutlines.com/directorysignup.html. We also suggest adding this profile to your email signatures.

3. LinkedIn

View Dr. Pernick’s LinkedIn page at linkedin.com/in/nat-pernick-8967765/ and follow his postings.

4. Website Improvements

What can we do to make PathologyOutlines.com more useful to you? Email Nat@PathologyOutlines.com with any suggestions.

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