22 July 2022: Weekly Roundup #94

What’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week?

1. Tip of the Month – July 2022

We have posted a YouTube video highlighting the July 2022 PathologyOutlines.com Tip of the Month. View it at https://youtu.be/O3dMN4QqoGU.

2. Author Recruitment

We continue to look for academics who meet our author qualifications. If interested, email Nat@PathologyOutlines.com with your CV and areas of interest.

3. Senior Authors

We have removed the position of Senior Author from our topics, which we have not used for several years. Although at least 1 member of the author team must meet our author qualifications, we are no longer making a distinction on the website between the authors.

4. Tracking / Cookies

We are investigating the use of tracking software that does not collect any information about you (i.e., no cookies). While we do have to track basic statistics (page views, visits, clicks) in order to function, we want to maintain your privacy and keep the site as user friendly as possible. We will keep you advised.

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