2 March 2021: Pandemic Relief Music Award – March Winner

PathologyOutlines.com will celebrate 20 years of operation in August 2021 and wants to give back to some of those suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. For 2021, we will be promoting select classical and jazz musicians each month on our website and with a cash stipend. Recipients of this award will be posted each month and will remain visible on the website throughout the year.

The March Recipient for this award is Six Mile Strings.

Six Mile Strings is a string quartet of friends (Yuri Popowycz, Natalie Frakes, Alycia Wilder and Tom Sullivan) who focus on performing classical and contemporary works. They aim to expand the scope and artistry of the traditional string quartet by working with artists of many genres and across disciplines. They have worked with a number of Detroit based artists spanning different genres including Greater Alexander, De’Sean Jones, Michael Malis, Madelyn Grant, Mario Sulaksana, Drew Schultz and more. 

Beyond the concert stage, all four musicians are social activists and educators. The quartet works to catalyze generative conversations that support the reinvention and reimagining of the classical string quartet through unique performance and active community engagement. 

In order to apply for a pandemic relief music award:

  1. The musician / ensemble must be based in the United States of America or Canada.
  2. The musician / ensemble must provide a media sample.
  3. The musician / ensemble must have a website or Facebook page that can be linked to.
  4. The musician / ensemble must have at least 2 or more audio / video recordings available via audio CD, online playlist, etc.

More information about the award, including application information, can be found on our website.

5 February 2021: Weekly Roundup #35

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. What’s New in Gynecologic Pathology

Our What’s New in Gynecologic Pathology Part 1 e-newsletter will summarize important changes in the vulva, cervix and uterus based on the 5th edition of WHO Tumours of Female Reproductive Organs, published last year. Click here to subscribe to this great newsletter, which comes out 2 – 4 times per year.

2. New Resident / Fellow Advisory Board Appointments

We have appointed new members of our Resident / Fellow Advisory Board as of January 2021:

3. New COVID-19 Article

Our COVID-19 library (click on “Libraries” in our site navigation, then select COVID-19 Library) has a new article, Operation Moonshot rapid tests for COVID-19 barely work, posted 4 February 2021.

4. Curing Cancer Blog

Dr. Pernick has published a new essay in his blog, Curing Cancer – Part 7 – Random chronic stress / bad luck as a major cause of cancer.

Key concepts discussed are: (1) random chronic stress / bad luck is a major cause of cancer at some sites; (2) cancer often develops through rare bursts of activity in cells and their networks, not in a gradual, step-wide manner; (3) cancers due to random chronic stress may have better survival and other clinical differences compared to cancers due to traditional risk factors and (4) due to the presence of random chronic stress, cancer will always be with us; although we can prevent some cases, we can detect it earlier and we can treat it more effectively.

Click here to read parts 1 – 6 of this series and to follow Dr. Pernick’s blog.

4 December 2020: Weekly Roundup #28

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. COVID-19 Library

Our COVID-19 library now lists 4 topics from 2020:

2. New COVID-19 Article

We also have linked an obituary from The New York Times in our COVID-19 library: “Dr. Mary Fowkes, 66, Dies; Helped Science Understand the Pandemic.”

3. About PathologyOutlines.com

In response to some questions, we have started posting a history of our website on our About Us page, and you can read a brief story of our website on this page.

11 September 2020: Libraries on PathologyOutlines.com

There are two major news updates about libraries on PathologyOutlines.com, which will be discussed below. To find these libraries, visit PathologyOutlines.com and click on “Libraries” in the navigation bar as illustrated below:

1. COVID-19 Library

We have merged the COVID-19 news page into our COVID-19 Library. We recently posted these 2 news items:

2. Roche pan-TRK (EPR17341) IHC IVD Assay

Roche has added a second library, titled “Roche pan-TRK (EPR17341) IHC IVD Assay“. This new library contains information about NTRK fusions and the pan-TRK assay.

28 August 2020: Weekly Roundup #22

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Chapter Mergers

We have now merged the Lung nontumor and tumor chapters into a single Lung chapter. Other recent chapter mergers include Colon, Liver and Breast.

2. Promotional Email Contest Winner #2

Christina Arnold, who works at the University of Colorado in Denver, has won the second PathologyOutlines.com Promotional Email Contest! For simply opening up PathologyOutlines.com email blasts, Christina has won a $50 Amazon gift card.

If you’d like a chance at winning, click here for sign up information and terms.

3. COVID-19 Library 

Visit our COVID-19 Library and its News section to stay up to date on what pathologists need to know.

4. COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for the SalivaDirect COVID-19 diagnostic test, developed by the Yale School of Public Health (ASH Clinical News, posted 21 August 2020). See also Yale Medicine.

21 August 2020: Weekly Roundup #21

1. COVID-19 News Page

We are starting a COVID-19 news page featuring articles you may have missed about COVID-19 and pathology. It is curated by Dr. Pat Tsang, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. It can be reached from our COVID-19 library, which you can find by selecting “Libraries” in our navigation bar and then selecting “COVID-19 Resources” when prompted. See the diagram below:

2. ASCP / CAP Conferences

ASCP and CAP are going virtual this year but they have made it easy to attend their conferences:

  • The ASCP annual meeting is free for members and $399 for nonmember pathologists. Click here for more information on the 2020 ASCAP annual meeting.
  • The CAP annual meeting is $150 for members, $450 for nonmembers and free for junior members. Click here for more information on the 2020 CAP annual meeting.

7 August 2020: Weekly Roundup #19

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Chapter Mergers

We have created 3 new merged chapters: Bone & joints, Colon nontumor & tumor and Liver nontumor & tumors. This is being done to make the chapters more logical and easier to navigate.

2. Pathology Job Market

How has the Job market changed over the year for pathologists? It’s starting to pick up from the drop in the spring. We are working on adding a graph to our Jobs page to show trends.

3. Virtual Conferences and Webinars

While travel and in-person conferences may not be possible right now, make sure to look through our assortment of virtual conferences and webinars as well as our online CME activities for the next best thing.

4. Roche Companion Diagnostic Library

Do you want more information on how to assess and score PDL1 in triple negative breast cancer? Check out our Roche library or see our recently published PDL1 topic. You can also access the Roche library by going to PathologyOutlines.com, clicking on “Libraries” and then clicking on “Roche Companion Diagnostic Library“.

5. COVID-19 Library Page

In addition to the Roche library mentioned above that focuses on the PDL1-SP142 antibody for triple negative breast cancer, we have one for COVID-19. This one lists our two current topic pages, COVID-19 business opportunities and organization websites that focus on COVID-19. Let us know of other COVID-19 information that would be useful to you.

To receive further weekly roundups and other PathologyOutlines.com updates directly to your inbox, follow us below:

9 April 2020: COVID-19 Topic

PathologyOutlines.com has a new topic on COVID-19 related lung infections written by Akira Yoshikawa, M.D. and Andrey Bychkov, M.D., Ph.D. This topic will be updated as more information becomes available.

Click here to read this new topic.

7 April 2020: Hiring Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic

What hiring strategies have worked for you in this COVID-19 pandemic era? Please let us know your successes in interviewing (online or in person), how you handle in person interviews and any other pearls that would help others who are hiring.

Email Dr. Pernick at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com if you have any applicable advice and indicate if you want your submission to be anonymous. (Otherwise, please include your name and location.)