24 March 2021: Images of the Week

Here is a selection of new images from our free, online textbook:

Breast > Filariasis

Classic “double barrel” uterus of the adult female worm (Wuchereria bancrofti) with eggs and developing larvae (microfilariae) in a lymph node (H&E, 10x).

Contributed by Bobbi Pritt, M.D.

Stains & molecular markers > Carbonic anhydrase IX

Diffuse circumferential membranous staining in clear cell RCC.

Contributed by Nick Baniak, M.D.

Stomach > MALT lymphoma

Infiltration and distortion of epithelial structures by aggregates of (usually 3 or more) neoplastic lymphoid cells.

Contributed by Kwun Wah Wen, M.D., Ph.D.

Testis & epididymis > Sex cord-stromal tumors > Leydig cell

Leydig cell tumor with sheets of polygonal cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm (H&E stain; 10x magnification).

Contributed by Manju Aron, M.D.

Autopsy & forensics > Therapy related deaths

Autopsy image of a percutaneous biliary catheter in the portal vein. The biliary drain placement was performed to relieve a biliary stricture but the catheter was placed in the portal vein adjacent to the targeted bile duct resulting in hemoperitoneum. The end of the catheter was cut during removal of the liver as this was an unexpected finding at autopsy.

Contributed by Mark A. Giffen, Jr., D.O.

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