7 April 2021: Images of the Week

Here is a selection of new images from our free, online textbook:

Cervix > HSIL / CIN II / CIN III

At high magnification, HSIL / CIN III lacks maturation (400x).

Contributed by Khaled J. Alkhateeb, M.B.B.S.

Ovary > Fibroma

Ovarian fibroma: the cut surface reveals a dense white mass within the ovary (left); outer surface of the fibroma is smooth and lightly vascularized (right).

Contributed by Rex Bentley, M.D.

Testis & epididymis > Adult granulosa cell

Low power view of numerous small uniform spaces (microfollicles) with hyalinized basement membrane material (Call-Exner bodies).

Contributed by Kristine M. Cornejo, M.D.

Microbiology & parasitology > Zygomycetes

Evaluation of fungal forms. H&E stained FFPE tissue showing broad pauciseptate ribbon-like hyphae in necrotic sinonasal tissue.

Contributed by Sixto M. Leal, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Skin nonmelanocytic tumor > Syringoma

Histologic sections showing cysts, nests and cords in a paisley or tadpole shaped pattern. No cytologic atypia or mitotic figures are seen (H&E, original magnification 100x).

Contributed by Aadil Ahmed, M.D. and Sara C. Shalin, M.D., Ph.D.

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