27 May 2022: View Prior Jobs, Fellowships, Conferences pages

We recently posted versions of the Jobs, Fellowships, and Conferences pages as of May 3, 2022. If you need to look up a prior ad, we maintain these files as of the first of each month (or close to it). See files below:

As of May 3, 2022: JobsFellowshipsConferences 

The format is the name of the file, plus yyyymm, where yyyy is the year and mm is the month.  So, for example, jobs posted as of May 3, 2022 are at https://www.pathologyoutlines.com/jobs202205.html.

Please contact us with any questions via email at Comments@PathologyOutlines.com.

13 May 2022: Weekly Roundup #88

What’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week?

1. 2022 Q1 Jobs Report

We have posted the PathologyOutlines.com jobs report for the 1st quarter of 2022. For this quarter, there were 417 job postings at PathologyOutlines.com for full time or part time Pathologists, which form the basis for the statistics in the report. This is a 56.2% increase from the 267 job postings in the first quarter of 2021. You can read more about which types of positions were posted and filter them by subspecialty and location here

2. Conferences / CME Update

We are pleased to announce a new offer for Conferences and their associated CME offerings: Post a conference for the standard price of $700, and you can post CME offerings associated with that conference for only an additional $100 ($150 off the usual price of $250). This should be useful to all conferences that also sell a video version. If you’re interested in advertising or you have any questions, email Ads@PathologyOutlines.com.

3. Website Issues

We were having some problems with tracking some of our website statistics. We are still figuring this out, but this should not affect the visitor experience.

3 September 2021: Weekly Roundup #62

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. Q2 2021 Promotional Email Contest Winner

Dr. Abubakar Yaro from Africa Health Research Organization (UK) in Glasgow, Scotland has won the Q2 2021 PathologyOutlines.com Promotional Email Contest! For simply opening up PathologyOutlines.com promotional emails, Dr. Yaro has won a $100 Amazon gift card.

If you’d like a chance at winning, click here for sign up information and terms.

2. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists Contest

To celebrate PathologyOutlines.com’s 20th anniversary and as an additional service to the pathology community, we created a Worldwide Directory of Pathologists. We have reached more than 600 entries and would like to invite every pathologist to sign up and tell us (and fellow colleagues) their favorite image, words of wisdom, fun facts and other interesting information about themselves.

To make this even more exciting, we are announcing a drawing with one $100 prize and five $50 prizes (Amazon or Starbucks gift cards) for joining by October 31, 2021. You can enter by signing up via our survey. Winners will be chosen at random.

Here are the current leaders for our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists signups:

  1. Emory University School of Medicine (14)
  2. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (10)
  3. University of Rochester Medical Center & Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (9)
  4. Harvard Medical School (8)
  5. University of Chicago (7)

3. Total Users of PathologyOutlines.com by U.S. State

We have updated the Total Users by U.S. State for the first half of 2021 on our Statistics page (also in the Header or Footer). The top 10 are:

  1. California (85,692 users)
  2. New York (64,112)
  3. Texas (58,286)
  4. Florida (48,692)
  5. Pennsylvania (36,680)
  6. Illinois (34,459)
  7. Massachusetts (31,146)
  8. Ohio (30,093)
  9. Virginia (29,735)
  10. Michigan (24,473)

4. Upcoming Pathology Conferences

The number of pathology conferences is on the upswing. Visit our Conferences page to see what conferences are going forward.

5. Jobs Record

As of 1 September 2021, we again have record job advertising with 637 job ads currently posted. As always, thank you to all of our advertisers for continued support.