13 May 2022: Weekly Roundup #88

What’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week?

1. 2022 Q1 Jobs Report

We have posted the PathologyOutlines.com jobs report for the 1st quarter of 2022. For this quarter, there were 417 job postings at PathologyOutlines.com for full time or part time Pathologists, which form the basis for the statistics in the report. This is a 56.2% increase from the 267 job postings in the first quarter of 2021. You can read more about which types of positions were posted and filter them by subspecialty and location here

2. Conferences / CME Update

We are pleased to announce a new offer for Conferences and their associated CME offerings: Post a conference for the standard price of $700, and you can post CME offerings associated with that conference for only an additional $100 ($150 off the usual price of $250). This should be useful to all conferences that also sell a video version. If you’re interested in advertising or you have any questions, email Ads@PathologyOutlines.com.

3. Website Issues

We were having some problems with tracking some of our website statistics. We are still figuring this out, but this should not affect the visitor experience.

17 December 2021: Weekly Roundup #73

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. Website Glitches

We have installed a firewall to improve the security of our website, but it seems to be causing 404 errors. While we are working on fixing it, hitting refresh will usually reload the page, although you may need to try several times or wait a minute. The website is not actually down – this is some complicated internal struggle in the network.

2. Case #510

Case #510 was posted on December 16. You can sign up for our monthly case newsletters and more here.

3. Jobs Record

We now have a record of 732 jobs posted on our Jobs page. Dr. Pernick attributes this to senior pathologists deciding to retire during the pandemic, but he welcomes your stories or your thoughts on this at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com.

4. Curing Cancer Network

We sent out another edition of our Curing Cancer Network newsletter. Sign up here to receive it directly in your inbox and view the most recent newsletter here.

5. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

We have created or added Directory profiles for most pathologists at Harvard, Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Emory, MD Anderson and other institutions.

We have now posted profiles of 13% of U.S. pathologists, aiming for 50% by next summer. Next, we are adding profiles for pathologists at Washington University, University of Utah and University of Toronto, but any pathologist can create their own profile by filling in this brief form. Use your profile to share your words of wisdom, the secrets of your success or your favorite pathology image.

14 May 2021: Weekly Roundup #47

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. New Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Breast Chapter

Dr. Gary Tozbikian has been appointed Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the Breast chapter. Dr. Tozbikian is an Anatomic and Clinical Pathology board-certified Surgical Pathologist with a specialization in Breast Pathology. His research is focused on diagnostic, predictive and therapeutic biomarkers for use in breast cancer, as well as the practical application of advanced digital imaging technology in breast pathology. After earning his M.D. degree from The Ohio State University, he completed his Pathology Residency and General Surgical Pathology Fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and a Breast Pathology Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Tozbikian joined the Department of Pathology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in 2013. He is an Associate Professor and Breast Pathology Division Director and serves as a subspecialty pathologist on the Breast and Genitourinary Pathology services.

2. Jobs Report for Q1 2021

Our jobs report for the first quarter of 2021 has been posted. For the quarter, there were 267 job postings at PathologyOutlines.com for full time or part time Pathologists, which form the basis for the report statistics. This is a 24.8% increase from the 214 job postings in the first quarter of 2020 (click here for the jobs report from 2020 Quarter 1). You can read the rest of the report here.

3. Q1 Promotional Email Contest Winner

Dr. Steven A. Gustafson from William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Mississippi has won the Q1 2021 PathologyOutlines.com Promotional Email Contest! For simply opening up PathologyOutlines.com promotional emails, Dr. Gustafson has won a $100 Amazon gift card.

If you’d like a chance at winning, click here for sign up information and terms.

4. Textbook Updates Coming Soon

We will soon be merging the CD markers chapter into the Stains chapter. We also plan on creating a new Molecular chapter, which will contain some of the topics from the Methods chapter.

5. Case #503

Case #503 was posted on May 13. You can sign up for our monthly case newsletters and more here.

6. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

Start thinking about your listing: your favorite image (include diagnosis and text), pathology pearls of wisdom, the secret to your success, your personal website or URL and limited additional free text to communicate to other pathologists.

All submissions must be in English and will be reviewed by our staff before posting. Please don’t submit anything offensive or otherwise inappropriate. The tentative start date is October 2021.

9 April 2021: Weekly Roundup #44

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. New Deputy Editor in Chief for Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands and Special Projects

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Andrey Bychkov as Deputy Editor in Chief for Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands and Special Projects. He is the Director of Digital Pathology at Kameda Medical Center, Japan and Visiting Associate Professor at Nagasaki University, Japan. Dr. Bychkov is originally from Russia, where he obtained his medical degree, completed residency training and practiced in anatomic pathology. Later, he earned his Ph.D. in molecular medicine in Nagasaki, Japan and supervised research projects at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Currently, he is tasked with overseeing digital pathology initiatives in Japan. His research interests are thyroid pathology and digital pathology.

2. New Editorial Board Appointments

Dr. Bonnie Choy was appointed to the Editorial Board for GU Pathology. Dr. Choy is an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois. She earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and medical degree from the University of Rochester. She completed her Anatomic and Clinical Pathology residency at the University of Chicago, followed by fellowships in Genitourinary Pathology at the University of Chicago and in Cytopathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Marc Pusztaszeri was appointed to the Editorial Board for Head & Neck Pathology & Cytopathology. Dr. Pusztaszeri obtained his medical degree from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2001. He then completed a 6 year residency program in Pathology at CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland. He then practiced mainly at Geneva University Hospitals, where he developed his current specialization of Head and Neck Pathology, Thyroid Pathology and Cytopathology. In 2011 – 2012, he did a visiting fellowship at the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In 2017, he joined the Department of Pathology of McGill University in Montreal, where he is currently an Associate Professor. His clinical and research interests have focused mainly on Cytopathology and Surgical Pathology of the thyroid gland and salivary gland tumors.

3. What’s New In Gynecologic Pathology

Our latest What’s New in Gynecologic Pathology newsletter, previously posted on our Newsletter page, is available as a PDF and was posted in the Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine. It is also posted in PubMed and PubMed Central and can be cited in your publications.

4. Elsevier Video on Clinic Review Articles

See Elsevier’s new video about their Clinic Review Articles on our homepage or here.

5. New Grants Page / Medical News

We have a new grants page with additional links in the Header and Footer. It lists our grant for identifying molecular alterations in glioblastoma as well as our music grant and scholarship programs.

We have also changed the name of Industry News to Medical News.

6. Record Traffic

In March 2021, we again had record traffic for total sessions (1,704,741), average sessions per day (54,992), page views (3,715,082) and users (566,344). Thanks for your support!

7. Annual Jobs Report

We have completed the annual Jobs report for 2020. For calendar year 2020, there were 763 job postings for full time or part time pathologists at PathologyOutlines.com, which form the basis for the statistics. This is a 9.7% decrease from the 845 ads posted in 2018 (click here), attributed to the marked drop in elective surgery from March to July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

8. Website Redesign

For our 20th anniversary, we are studying a redesign emphasizing increased ease of use, most likely with more drop down menus and better search capability. We are also considering a worldwide directory of pathologists with headshots, favorite images and words of wisdom submitted by pathologists. Let us know what you think at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com.

5 March 2021: Weekly Roundup #39

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. Pathologist Jobs Report – Q4 2020

The pathologist jobs report for the fourth quarter of 2020 is now available. It begins:

“For this quarter, there were 240 job postings at PathologyOutlines.com for full time or part time Pathologists, which form the basis for the statistics below. This is a 20.6% increase from the 199 job postings in the fourth quarter of 2018 (click here and note that data is not available for the 4rd quarter of 2019 as we were installing a new database). We excluded postings that were only for locum, Ph.D., residency, fellowship or non-Pathologist positions. Of the 240 postings, 223 were for 1 position, 11 were for 2 positions and 6 were for an unspecified number of positions greater than 1.”

All job reports are accessible from the Jobs page.

2. Website Traffic

We had a record number of sessions (visits) last month (an average of 51,817/day), as well as a record numbers of total sessions (1,450,867) and page views (3,126,867). Thanks for your support!

3. The American Code Against Cancer

Dr. Pernick has proposed The American Code Against Cancer, resembling the European Code, listing behavioral changes to help reduce annual U.S. cancer deaths from 600,000 to 100,000. Email your comments to Nat@PathologyOutlines.com.

8 January 2021: Weekly Roundup #31

Happy New Year! This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. Dr. Pernick’s Curing Cancer Blog

Dr. Pernick’s next short essay in his “Curing Cancer” blog series can be read here. It outlines his recommendations for curative treatment for advanced adult cancers with a poor prognosis, such as lung and pancreatic cancer. The main point is that advanced cancer is not just due to driver mutations but also to systemic network changes that will not revert to normal if the tumor is excised or destroyed. Email any comments or questions to Nat@PathologyOutlines.com.

See also Curing cancer, Part 1 – Reductionism vs. Complexity and Curing Cancer, Part 2 – Adult vs. Childhood Cancer.

2. Jobs Graph

We have a new Jobs graph that tracks the total number of jobs from January 2017 to date. Use the slide bar to focus on a particular time period.

3. Jobs Page Features

Below the blue box on our Jobs page you can find regularly updated lists of Pathology chairs and Residency directors. Use the Comment feature in the Header to tell us of any needed updates.

4. Website Navigation

To navigate more quickly, use the Breadcrumbs at the top and bottom of each topic page. You can also go back to the main chapter or our Home page.

5. E-blast Security

To improve security, we have added a “Double opt-in” feature for our E-blasts. This means that after you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to confirm that you really did make the changes. We have several hundred requests “in limbo”, so if you are not getting the E-blasts you signed up for, please subscribe again and confirm with the follow up email.

13 November 2020: Weekly Roundup #25

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Record Traffic for October 2020

We are pleased to report new record traffic for October 2020: 46,268 daily average visits, 1,388,032 total sessions, 3,100,994 page views and 280,436 homepage views (desktop plus mobile).

2. What’s New This Week

We have a new video, What’s New at PathologyOutlines.com in 90 seconds, posted on our homepage and on our YouTube channel. We also have a text summary if you are in a hurry.

3. How to Bookmark PathologyOutlines.com

Bookmarking PathologyOutlines.com or using it as your browser homepage may make your life easier. Here’s how to do it in your favorite browser:

Add PathologyOutlines.com as a bookmark:

Internet Explorer

Make PathologyOutlines.com your homepage:

Internet Explorer

30 October 2020: Weekly Roundup #24

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Promotional Email Contest Winner #3

Dr. Cheung Man Fung, Florence of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, Clinical Laboratory, Hong Kong SAR, has won the third PathologyOutlines.com Promotional Email Contest! For simply opening up PathologyOutlines.com email blasts, Dr. Cheung Man Fung, Florence has won a $50 Amazon gift card.

If you’d like a chance at winning, click here for sign up information and terms.

2. National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

PathologyOutlines.com supports the goal of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable of having 80% of adults aged 50 and older get regular screening for colorectal cancer. Although our patient contact is limited, pathologists should still do what we can to promote colorectal screening and reduce unnecessary colorectal cancer deaths.

3. Saving PubMed Articles of Interest

How can you save PubMed articles of interest? Dr. Pernick asked PubMed and got this reply:

After clicking the checkboxes to select citations from the search results page, click the Display Options button and choose Abstract. This will display the selected items only in the Abstract format. Alternately, use the Send to button and choose Clipboard. This will send the selected items to your PubMed Clipboard (this is not the same as your typical operating system clipboard), where they can be viewed until after 8 hours of inactivity.

4. Job Opportunities in Pathology

This video by Scott Kilpatrick, M.D. of Cleveland Clinic, Jobs and Opportunities in Pathology, explores job opportunities in pathology and provides recommendations on how to succeed. It was recommended by our Editorial Board Member Andrey Bychkov, M.D., Ph.D.

7 August 2020: Weekly Roundup #19

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Chapter Mergers

We have created 3 new merged chapters: Bone & joints, Colon nontumor & tumor and Liver nontumor & tumors. This is being done to make the chapters more logical and easier to navigate.

2. Pathology Job Market

How has the Job market changed over the year for pathologists? It’s starting to pick up from the drop in the spring. We are working on adding a graph to our Jobs page to show trends.

3. Virtual Conferences and Webinars

While travel and in-person conferences may not be possible right now, make sure to look through our assortment of virtual conferences and webinars as well as our online CME activities for the next best thing.

4. Roche Companion Diagnostic Library

Do you want more information on how to assess and score PDL1 in triple negative breast cancer? Check out our Roche library or see our recently published PDL1 topic. You can also access the Roche library by going to PathologyOutlines.com, clicking on “Libraries” and then clicking on “Roche Companion Diagnostic Library“.

5. COVID-19 Library Page

In addition to the Roche library mentioned above that focuses on the PDL1-SP142 antibody for triple negative breast cancer, we have one for COVID-19. This one lists our two current topic pages, COVID-19 business opportunities and organization websites that focus on COVID-19. Let us know of other COVID-19 information that would be useful to you.

To receive further weekly roundups and other PathologyOutlines.com updates directly to your inbox, follow us below:

16 May 2019: Dr. Pernick Speaks at Annual Spring Meeting for the Ohio Society of Pathologists

Dr. Pernick recently went to Columbus, OH to speak at the Spring Meeting for the Ohio Society of Pathologists. While at the meeting, Dr. Pernick gave the following presentations:
      How to Use PathologyOutlines.com More Effectively for your Pathology Practice
      How to Write an Effective Pathologist Job Advertisement and Recent Job Trends
Dr. Pernick (third from left) leads a resident round table at the OSP 2019 Spring Meeting.
On June 13, 2019 Dr. Pernick is scheduled to present at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress conference in New York, Preparing for Change in the Pathology Community.