23 September 2022: Case of the Month #519

Thanks to Drs. Mario Marques-Piubelli and Roberto Miranda, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA, for contributing this case and discussion and to Dr. Genevieve Crane, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, for reviewing the discussion.

Clinical history:

A 51 year old man with a medical history of HIV infection who was noncompliant with antiretroviral therapy presented with cough, dyspnea, chest pain, fever and pancytopenia. CT showed pleural and pericardial effusions but no masses. A pleurocentesis was performed.

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21 September 2022: Worldwide Directory of Pathologists Proposal

For several years I have been trying to devise a mechanism to unify the pathology profession across the planet. My proposed solution is a Worldwide Directory of Pathologists, which does the following:

  • Makes it easier for pathologists to learn about each other and their areas of expertise (for example, when seeing a pathologist’s name on a pathology report, at a talk or presentation, as an applicant for a job / fellowship or as a candidate for a position in leadership).
  • Creates a free profile with a stable URL that follows a pathologist throughout their career.
  • Educates other pathologists through favorite images, words of wisdom and other information in pathologist profiles.
  • Uses database capabilities to get a better understanding of pathologists in different countries and subspecialties.
  • Assists pathologists in obtaining consultations in particular subspecialties.
  • Helps the industry set up focus groups of interested pathologists.

Ultimately, I believe that most pathologists will use the Directory on a daily basis, although it may take some time for this to happen.

Although I would prefer that pathologists sign up for the Directory directly, this proved to be difficult. Therefore, we decided to create profiles using public information, starting with academic pathologists in the U.S. and Canada. We always notify pathologists when creating a profile and give them the option to modify or inactivate. We realize that this might not be ideal for everyone, and we apologize for any offense, but we do believe that this resource will be tremendously useful to pathologists in the future.

Visit our Pathology Directory at https://www.pathologyoutlines.com/directory and review the Blue Box for information on adding or modifying your profile.

Nat Pernick, M.D., President and Founder
PathologyOutlines.com, Inc.
Email: Nat@PathologyOutlines.com

20 September 2022: Image Quiz #91

Author: Abberly Lott Limbach, M.D.

A 45 year old patient presents with a painless 0.5 cm white nodule on the left lateral tongue. A biopsy is performed and a representative image from the histology is shown below. What is the diagnosis?

Select an answer:

A. Fordyce granule

B. Lymphoepithelial cyst

C. Lymphoid aggregate

D. Mucocele

E. Sialolith

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16 September 2022: Weekly Roundup #99

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Directory Ambassadors

Spread the word about the great Pathologists at your institution by becoming a Directory Ambassador. We have many Ambassadors but need more (see here for the current list; OPEN means we need someone). Email Directory@PathologyOutlines.com if interested or for any questions.

Ambassadors ensure that the Directory includes all practicing pathologists for their institution (unless they opt out), tell us when pathologists come and go, and otherwise assist in making the Directory as accurate as possible. They could be residents, fellows, faculty or staff. While Ambassadors are not paid, they are listed on the Directory’s Ambassador page, get a gift at the time of the annual USCAP meeting and are appreciated by pathologists worldwide for helping make the Directory more useful to everyone.

2. Directory Contest

Submit your favorite image for our Directory Image Contest by 30 September 2022. See here for more details.

3. Topic Navigation

Did you know every topic has a Table of Contents at the top of the page to help you navigate quickly? You can also right click on any item in the Table of Contents, then “Open in a new tab” to get a unique link to the section of the topic you are interested in.

4. Website Comments

We welcome your comments; we are always trying to improve. Click on the Comments tab in the Header or Footer and let us know what you think about the page you’re visiting. We appreciate hearing from you.

9 September 2022: Cancer Research Grants

PathologyOutlines.com is offering grants of up to $25K for the following research topics:

  • Premalignant states for glioblastoma or Hodgkin lymphoma: We welcome your proposal to identify premalignant states for glioblastoma multiforme or Hodgkin lymphoma based on molecular and not histologic patterns. As described at Arch Pathol Lab Med 2018;142:558, complexity theory suggests that these states likely exist, even if there is no histologic evidence.
  • Efficacy of large combinations of therapies to substantially reduce cancer deaths for aggressive lung, colon, pancreatic or breast malignancies, targeting different aspects of tumor cells, microenvironmental features (vasculature, stroma, extracellular matrix and inflammation) and systemic features (chronic inflammation, immune system dysfunction, hormonal activity, germline changes) (see Strategic plan to reduce cancer deaths).
  • Better understanding of and possibly treatment for physiologic changes associated with cancer deaths shortly after diagnosis (see How cancer kills).
  • Strategies to markedly improve cancer prevention behavior, such as implementing the American Code Against Cancer or other substantial changes to health related behavior.

Requirements: Proposal should be up to 500 words and include CVs of principal investigators. The deadline to apply is 30 September 2022.

See pathologyoutlines.com/ccngrants.html for more information.

Email Dr. Pernick at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com to apply.

7 September 2022: A Message from Dr. Pernick

In August 2001, I started PathologyOutlines.com because I believed that professional medical information should be free, easy to access and not require registration. At that time, there were not many sources of professional medical content that met these criteria.

I am pleased that beginning in 2026, academic journals will have to provide immediate access to papers that are publicly funded, which should be very useful in disseminating medical knowledge. See nytimes.com/2022/08/25/us/white-house-federally-funded-research-access.html for more information.

We encourage other businesses to find ways to disseminate important medical knowledge easily and without cost.

Nat Pernick, M.D., President and Founder
PathologyOutlines.com, Inc.
Email: Nat@PathologyOutlines.com

6 September 2022: Image Quiz #90

Authors: Absia Jabbar, M.D.Sonali Lanjewar, M.D., M.B.B.S.Raavi Gupta, M.D.

Exaggerated placental site (shown in the image below) is characterized by which of the following features?

Select an answer:

A. Absence of villi

B. Presence of necrosis and mitoses

C. Proliferation of chorionic type intermediate trophoblasts with invasion of myometrium

D. Proliferation of implantation type intermediate trophoblasts with invasion of myometrium

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2 September 2022: Weekly Roundup #98

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Pathology Crossword Puzzle

We have published a second pathology crossword puzzle, available at pathologyoutlines.com/crossword.html.

2. New Editorial Board Appointment for Gastrointestinal Pathology

Claudio Luchini, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Claudio Luchini was appointed to our Editorial Board for Gastrointestinal Pathology. Dr. Luchini is an Associate Professor of Pathology at University of Verona in Italy. He obtained his M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Verona. In 2014, he attended the Indiana University School of Medicine as a research scholar. Then, in 2014 – 2015, he completed a research fellowship in Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Pathology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He has co-authored more than 200 scientific publications and contributions, mainly regarding gastrointestinal and pancreatic neoplasms.

3. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

We now have 10,000 Directory profiles – do we have yours?

To check if you have a profile, visit pathologyoutlines.com/directory.

To add your profile, visit pathologyoutlines.com/directorysignup.html.

To edit your profile, visit pathologyoutlines.com/directorychange.html.

4. Cookies / Tracking

Our mission at PathologyOutlines.com is to serve the Pathology community and provide services that Pathologists like and find useful. Even though our sole revenue is from advertising, we are not focused on catering to marketing companies. Because of this, we do not publish expandable ads or ads that cannot be removed. We do not require registration and do not collect any personal information about users. We track website page views and banner clicks only, necessary for our ads to sell.

Consistent with our business model and ethics, we are working on eliminating Google tracking and the use of cookies altogether. To avoid the need for cookies, we are exploring other tracking software that counts page views and clicks but does not invade your privacy, either in the cloud or on your device. This is a new approach that may take time and resources to get implemented but it fits our mission.  We will keep you advised.

30 August 2022: Worldwide Directory of Pathologists Image Contest

We are planning a Directory image contest to celebrate the great images that pathologists take. The 3 winners will get gift cards of $250, $150 and $100 respectively and will be publicized on our website.

The contest also promotes our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists, now with more than 10,000 pathologist profiles and with another 10,000 to be added each year. There is no cost to be in or to use the Directory and we plan to continue it for decades, which means you can confidently use the URL for your Directory profile in your email signature, social media, CV or website(s) indefinitely.

To be eligible for the contest and to vote, you must be a Pathologist with a Directory profile. See pathologyoutlines.com/directory to add or modify your profile. The deadline is September 30, 2022 to add an image to your profile for the contest.

Starting on October 1, 2022, our Editorial Board or others will screen the images and select the top 20 or so for the voting round. Voting is from November 1, 2022 through December 15, 2022.

More details will be forthcoming. For any comments or questions on having a Directory proflie, please email Directory@PathologyOutlines.com.

26 August 2022: Weekly Roundup #97

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Tip of the Month – August 2022

We have posted a YouTube video highlighting the August 2022 PathologyOutlines.com Tip of the Month about website features. View it at https://youtu.be/5REDrg43Mjs.

2. New Editorial Board Appointment for Stains / Immunohistochemistry

Brandon Umphress, M.D.

Dr. Brandon Umphress is a recently appointed member of our Editorial Board, overseeing Stains / Immunohistochemistry. Dr. Umphress is currently an Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and IU Health in Indianapolis, where he is both a Surgical Pathologist and board certified Dermatopathologist. Dr. Umphress obtained his medical degree at Indiana University and subsequently completed residency training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at Northwestern McGaw Medical Center in Chicago. He received specialized training in oncologic surgical pathology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and further specialized in Dermatopathology at Indiana University, where he now practices full time.

3. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

To increase the power of your online presence, we recommend that you link your name in your email signature, on social media and on your website to your Directory profile. We now have profiles for over 75% of U.S. & Canadian academic pathologists and we are happy to add more at pathologyoutlines.com/directorysignup.html. These profiles are free, can be easily updated and exist for the entire life of the pathologist. Contact us at Directory@PathologyOutlines.com with any questions.