23 April 2021: Medical News Updates

Check out our Medical News page. We have updated it with the following article from:

Roche DiagnosticsArtificial Intelligence could Create Better Outcomes for Bowel Cancer Patients
A test which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to measure proteins present in some patients with advanced bowel cancer could hold the key to more targeted treatment, according to research published today. A team at the University of Leeds collaborated with researchers at Roche Diagnostics to develop the technique, which will help doctors and patients to decide on the best treatment options. Rest of article

26 February 2021: Weekly Roundup #38

This is what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com:

1. Episode #12 of “This Month at PathologyOutlines

Episode #12 of “This Month at PathologyOutlines” has been released. Make sure to watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any new videos.

2. Roche Library Updates

We have updated our two Roche diagnostic libraries:

  • For the PDL1 library, we now list additional PDL1 images and have embedded associated videos.
  • For the NTRK library, we have added a button to email a Roche pathologist with questions, NTRK images and a FAQ section. We have also embedded associated videos.

10 November 2020: Industry News Updates

Check out our Industry News page. We have updated it with the following article from:

Roche Diagnostics USATweetorial Tuesday

Check out Tweets on VENTANA pan-TRK (EPR17341) Assay by #RocheDiagnosticsUSA at #NTRK on their #TweetorialTuesday. Click the link to check out the tweets with images of cases stained with pan-TRK IHC and multiple-choice questions! Follow @RocheDiaUSA on twitter.
Rest of article

23 October 2020: Industry News Updates

Check out our Industry News page. We have updated it with the following article from:

Roche Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Affairs TeamDown the Ocular
Listen to Drs. Bharathi Vennapusa and Tabari Baker from Roche Diagnostics MSA discuss various topics related to NTRK gene fusion testing on Down the Ocular podcast series including methodologies and recommendations for identifying patients with IHC testing prior to NGS confirmation. Click here to listen and don’t forget to subscribe to Down the Ocular podcast series!

11 September 2020: Libraries on PathologyOutlines.com

There are two major news updates about libraries on PathologyOutlines.com, which will be discussed below. To find these libraries, visit PathologyOutlines.com and click on “Libraries” in the navigation bar as illustrated below:

1. COVID-19 Library

We have merged the COVID-19 news page into our COVID-19 Library. We recently posted these 2 news items:

2. Roche pan-TRK (EPR17341) IHC IVD Assay

Roche has added a second library, titled “Roche pan-TRK (EPR17341) IHC IVD Assay“. This new library contains information about NTRK fusions and the pan-TRK assay.

7 August 2020: Weekly Roundup #19

Here’s what’s new on PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Chapter Mergers

We have created 3 new merged chapters: Bone & joints, Colon nontumor & tumor and Liver nontumor & tumors. This is being done to make the chapters more logical and easier to navigate.

2. Pathology Job Market

How has the Job market changed over the year for pathologists? It’s starting to pick up from the drop in the spring. We are working on adding a graph to our Jobs page to show trends.

3. Virtual Conferences and Webinars

While travel and in-person conferences may not be possible right now, make sure to look through our assortment of virtual conferences and webinars as well as our online CME activities for the next best thing.

4. Roche Companion Diagnostic Library

Do you want more information on how to assess and score PDL1 in triple negative breast cancer? Check out our Roche library or see our recently published PDL1 topic. You can also access the Roche library by going to PathologyOutlines.com, clicking on “Libraries” and then clicking on “Roche Companion Diagnostic Library“.

5. COVID-19 Library Page

In addition to the Roche library mentioned above that focuses on the PDL1-SP142 antibody for triple negative breast cancer, we have one for COVID-19. This one lists our two current topic pages, COVID-19 business opportunities and organization websites that focus on COVID-19. Let us know of other COVID-19 information that would be useful to you.

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