7 December 2022: Prices for Ads on PathologyOutlines.com

Below are the prices for advertising jobs, fellowships and conferences (as well as banners, e-blasts and social media posts) on PathologyOutlines.com starting 1 January 2023. If you are looking to advertise, contact us at Ads@PathologyOutlines.com. We typically respond within 1 business day.

Jobs: $1,000 for a highlighted listing; $550 for a Related position

Fellowships: $750 for a highlighted listing; $450 for a one line listing

Conferences: $750 for a highlighted listing; $450 for a one line listing

Monthly rates for Banners: 

Premium E-Blast: $2,400 per deployment 

Standard E-Blast: $1,200 per deployment 

Social media posts: $1,200 per deployment 

2 December 2022: Weekly Roundup #106

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. WHO HAEM5 and ICC-B cell Topic

We have a great topic on the new HemePath classification systems, WHO HAEM5 and ICC-B cell, written by Pichayut Nithagon, M.D. and Patricia Tsang, M.D., M.B.A.

2. Curing Cancer Network

Dr. Pernick has updated his strategic plan to substantially reduce cancer deaths at pathologyoutlines.com/ccnstrategicplan.html. This is part of our Curing Cancer Network, which can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We offer grants of up to $25,000 for research directly related to our strategic plan. The next grant deadline is 15 January 2023. See pathologyoutlines.com/ccngrants.html for more information.

3. Contact Information Update

Will you be changing institutions, or has your contact information changed recently? If so, we can update your Directory profile, any E-blasts you are receiving and your author profile (if applicable). Email us at Directory@PathologyOutlines.com with your updated information and any old emails you are no longer using.

4. Copyright

Many of you want to share great images from our website; however, we usually own the copyrights to these images. Unless you are the contributor, be aware of limitations in your use. For more information, please see pathologyoutlines.com/copyrightinfo.html and https://pathologyoutlinesblog.wordpress.com/2022/11/11/11-november-2022-weekly-roundup-104/

While you can post images from our website for educational purposes to social media, you should also post a link to the source. This is the polite thing to do and also acknowledges who contributed the image as well as provides background information about the disease entity in the image. In general, you cannot post images from our website onto other websites.

18 November 2022: Weekly Roundup #105

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Stains and CD Markers

Adele has a great hit, ‘Rolling in the Deep‘, in which she sings, “We could have had it all”. But that is not true; life is about tradeoffs and we have to make the best deals or compromises that we can.

In that spirit, we are trimming the Stains & CD markers page to focus on those that are most popular or otherwise considered by our editors to be most important. We have removed some of the obscure / low traffic stains and we are no longer planning to update all CD markers. We have also put the low traffic / less important ones under CD markers – other, but we will not be updating them unless one of them becomes important.

Contact Nat@PathologyOutlines.com with any comments or questions.

2. Directory Image Contest

The Favorite Directory Image contest deadline has been extended to November 30, 2022. Visit pathologyoutlines.com/directorysignup.html to add a profile with your favorite image or pathologyoutlines.com/directorychange.html to add / change your favorite image on your existing profile.

The 3 winners will get gift cards of $250, $150 and $100 respectively and will be publicized on our website. Click here for more information.

Email Amal@PathologyOutlines.com with any questions. 

3. Website Header

We have rearranged our website’s headers to put the most important pages on the top line, which remains fixed as you scroll down.

11 November 2022: Weekly Roundup #104

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Copyright and Images

We welcome authors to submit original images that they own for posting to the topics they write; however, we want to remind you that you cannot claim images from other publications as your own for our textbook because this is a copyright violation. Those who use images they don’t own are breaking the law and are subject to criminal and civil penalties. If you have questions, contact Nat@PathologyOutlines.com.

2. Website Improvements

We are continuously working on improving our website and apologize for some slowdowns last month. We appreciate your support and always welcome any suggestions on how to make the website better. Make sure to use the Comment button at the top of any page to leave us comments or questions.

3. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

We have now added profiles for all known U.S. and Canadian academic pathologists. Currently, we are adding nonacademic pathologists and then will work on other countries. Of course, pathologists everywhere are welcome to add their own profiles by completing a short survey (see the blue box at pathologyoutlines.com/directory for details).

Which U.S. and Canadian institutions have the most pathologists? The top 5 institutions are Harvard Medical School, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Mayo Clinic and AmeriPath. You can see our current totals on our Directory page at pathologyoutlines.com/directory under the heading Directory totals by institution (31 October 2022): descending, alphabetical.

4 November 2022: Weekly Roundup #103

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Tip of the Month – November 2022

We have posted a YouTube video highlighting our website features for the November 2022 PathologyOutlines.com Tip of the Month. View it at https://youtu.be/3bJ2gL0N7xs.

2. Curing Cancer Network E-Newsletter

We have posted our most recent Curing Cancer Network (CCN) e-newsletter. Make sure to subscribe to all of our future CCN e-newsletters on our website. You can also text CURINGCANCERNET (no spaces, case insensitive) to 22828 to sign up. It will then ask you for your email address.

3. What’s New in Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology: WHO 5th Edition Updates

We have posted our most recent What’s New in Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology e-newsletter by Erica Kao, M.D. and Jose G. Mantilla, M.D. Make sure to subscribe to all of our future What’s New in Pathology e-newsletters on our website.

4. Pathology Jobs

We made some improvements to our Jobs page:

  • The page now hides U.S. states, Canadian provinces, countries and subspecialties with no job ads.
  • The Jobs graph has been moved up on the page and now covers up to 7 years.
  • The subspecialty map is initially hidden (to take up less space) but can be opened by clicking on the arrow next to Totals, All Subspecialties.
  • For database searches, to clear a section, click the Clear Selection button.

5. Pathology Books

Have you written a new book or a new edition of an existing book? Check out our Books page at pathologyoutlines.com/books and make sure your book is listed. We will post it for no charge if it is available through Amazon. Otherwise, the charge is $300 for 5 years. Email ads@pathologyoutlines.com to let us know if you would like your book posted.

26 October 2022: Worldwide Directory of Pathologists Update

Our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists at pathologyoutlines.com/directory now has over 12,000 profiles and includes all known academic pathologists in the U.S. and Canada. We have added these profiles from public websites and then notified the pathologists, giving them an option to opt out.

We are now adding nonacademic pathologists that reside in the U.S. and Canada and will then proceed to other countries. Due to privacy laws in EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden), we will not be adding the pathologists in these countries from public databases. 

Instead, we urge these pathologists (and others) to sign up for the Directory with our short survey at pathologyoutlines.com/directorysignup.html. It only takes a few minutes to complete and will be worthwhile as it will help other pathologists learn more about you and will strengthen our international community of pathologists.

Fellows and residents are welcome to create a profile as well.

If you have any questions about our Directory, please email Directory@PathologyOutlines.com.

21 October 2022: Weekly Roundup #102

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. Favorite Directory Image Contest

The Favorite Directory Image Contest deadline has been extended to November 30, 2022. Visit pathologyoutlines.com/directory to add or change your profile (review the blue box for specific instructions). 

2. Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

Now that our Directory at pathologyoutlines.com/directory contains almost all academic pathologists in the U.S. and Canada, we plan to link any references to these pathologists to their Directory profile, except when they are authors or editors for our textbook. We also suggest that these pathologists use their profile links in their own personal communications.

3. CD Markers

Our initial goal for CD markers was to have a complete list and to even include those that are quite obscure. Do you think we should include CD markers not particularly useful for pathologists? Email Nat@PathologyOutlines.com or comment on our blog if you have any input.

4. Board Review Style Questions

Currently, we have 2,700+ board review style questions, sorted by subspecialty and chapter, at pathologyoutlines.com/review-questions. More are added regularly from our textbook topics. We plan to license some of these questions to the American Board of Pathology for their CertLink program; we will let you know when this starts. We are also asking authors to give more detailed answers indicating why one selection is correct and the other selections are incorrect.

In addition, we are planning to start a free, individual self study module in 2023 that will track the questions you have answered and your results. This will require a personal password to access. More details will follow.

7 October 2022: Weekly Roundup #101

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. CAP 2022

Come visit our booth at CAP ’22 in New Orleans on October 9 – 11! For more information, click here.

2. Recommended Pathology Videos

We are starting a new feature for the textbook, listing recommended videos in their own topic. See pathologyoutlines.com/topic/kidneytumorvideos.html for the kidney tumor chapter. 

Please note that these videos are often general and don’t necessarily apply to any particular topic. Of course, the specific chapter topics often have their own videos too.

3. Pathology Jobs

For our Jobs page, these criteria can be combined by clicking any item:

  • Location (USA, Remote, Canada, Other are all a single search term)
  • Subspecialties
  • Organizations
  • Miscellaneous

The ‘All Jobs’ option at the end of each section will clear the selection for that section only.

The default sorting is by Post Date. However, by clicking the Jobs by Location link below the Subspecialty Totals drop down, the results will be sorted by location instead and is combinable with the above 4 items.

The drop down for Subspecialty Totals by State and Region is its own search and is not combinable with other elements.

30 September 2022: Weekly Roundup #100

Here’s what you need to know about PathologyOutlines.com this week:

1. New Editorial Board Appointment for Informatics and Digital Pathology

Dr. Jerome Cheng was appointed to our Editorial Board for Informatics and Digital Pathology. Dr. Cheng is an Associate Professor of Pathology in the Division of Pathology Informatics at the University of Michigan. He went to medical school at St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine and completed his Anatomic and Clinical Pathology residency at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. He then completed a fellowship in Pathology Informatics at the University of Michigan.

2. What’s New in Kidney Tumor Pathology?

We have posted our most recent What’s New in Kidney Tumor Pathology e-newsletter, written by Maria Tretiakova, M.D. Make sure to subscribe to all of our future What’s New in Pathology e-newsletters at pathologyoutlines.com/subscribe.html.

3. Pathology Crossword Puzzle

Check out our latest pathology crossword puzzle at pathologyoutlines.com/crossword.html. It is not (yet) interactive, but you can download it and print it out.

4. Website Shortcut

Did you know that pathout.com is a shortcut to our full website name, pathologyoutlines.com? Use it whenever you’re short on time!

21 September 2022: Worldwide Directory of Pathologists Proposal

For several years I have been trying to devise a mechanism to unify the pathology profession across the planet. My proposed solution is a Worldwide Directory of Pathologists, which does the following:

  • Makes it easier for pathologists to learn about each other and their areas of expertise (for example, when seeing a pathologist’s name on a pathology report, at a talk or presentation, as an applicant for a job / fellowship or as a candidate for a position in leadership).
  • Creates a free profile with a stable URL that follows a pathologist throughout their career.
  • Educates other pathologists through favorite images, words of wisdom and other information in pathologist profiles.
  • Uses database capabilities to get a better understanding of pathologists in different countries and subspecialties.
  • Assists pathologists in obtaining consultations in particular subspecialties.
  • Helps the industry set up focus groups of interested pathologists.

Ultimately, I believe that most pathologists will use the Directory on a daily basis, although it may take some time for this to happen.

Although I would prefer that pathologists sign up for the Directory directly, this proved to be difficult. Therefore, we decided to create profiles using public information, starting with academic pathologists in the U.S. and Canada. We always notify pathologists when creating a profile and give them the option to modify or inactivate. We realize that this might not be ideal for everyone, and we apologize for any offense, but we do believe that this resource will be tremendously useful to pathologists in the future.

Visit our Pathology Directory at https://www.pathologyoutlines.com/directory and review the Blue Box for information on adding or modifying your profile.

Nat Pernick, M.D., President and Founder
PathologyOutlines.com, Inc.
Email: Nat@PathologyOutlines.com